About CCC

Camera Chick Creations was started in March 2013 because of a demand from my friends. Who am I? I’m Diane, mom to Blondie and Toolman (don’t worry, those aren’t their real names), wife, photographer, business owner and friend. When I’m editing or chilling, you can find me in my “office,” which is usually the couch. Most of the time, our Staffordshire Terrier (aka. “pit bull”), Sasha, is snoring next to me, as closely as she’s allowed to be. I love my jobs almost all of the time, and I’m really fortunate to have “fallen” into them. Honestly? They were all unexpected. Yep, even the “job” of being Mom.

We spend a lot of our free time as a family, but everyone has different interests: big trains, little trains, old cars, tinkering with anything mechanical, napping, going for walks, reading and making up goofy games. We LOVE to go camping together and explore new places. The kids are at the perfect age to explore, so we’re hoping for some cool new travels in the next couple of years.

What else? Oh! You can see my photography a few places, the easiest is at the DB Impressions website, but there’s lots of current things posted on FaceBook, too!

Business-wise, I’ve been involved with PABA, our local business association, for several years, as well as organizations like the Professional Photographer’s Association, Op-Love, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and a few others. You can read about those on the photography site though.

What else would you like to know? I’m a rabid knitter, passionate about helping others to learn and to know that knitting doesn’t have to be scary, a complete snob about the yarns I’ll use and fairly picky about colors. I love to laugh, and its often at my own expense. Hey, I’m a klutz! If you can’t laugh about the goofy stuff that happens…well, I’m fairly certain I’d spend my days in bed, curled up in a ball.