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prettysoapI’m excited to begin offering the soaps and gifts that our family have used for several years! The products were born out of necessity, but they quickly became an “outlet” of sorts for a former Biologist (that’s me). Blondie, our daughter, had incredibly sensitive skin as a toddler, and even the most gentle of store-bought cleansers gave her terrible rashes. So, after some research, I attempted the first batch of “bare” soap. No fragrance, no coloring, no special shapes (I was still too new to the process) and extra moisturizers, but with minimal ingredients. It worked! She stopped getting “the itchies,” and I quickly fell in love with the chemistry in the process. I discovered our all-time favorite fragrance for my husband (its Bourbon Vanilla) and made a batch of that, and now people stop him at work when he uses that, asking what he smells like. And really? Its fun. I don’t love cooking, but I love creating things in the kitchen, so this is my way to keep up a little bit of the scientist in me, and create something that helps my family stay healthy. Now, I’m sharing that with you.

The knitting is another outlet. That keeps me sane. Even while on vacation, you could find me with knitting in my hands any time we had to stand in line for more than a few minutes. Eventually though, your family has all the knits they can use or wear and you start to accumulate a LOT of goodies. So now, you get to browse and reap the benefits of that affliction addiction hobby.