All-Natural Arrowroot Deodorant


Product Description

Sold in 2 ounce tins and made with your choice of available essential oils. This is a fantastic alternative for those with very sensitive skin who want to find an all-natural alternative. Please note that while you will most likely perspire less with this deodorant than you would without using any product at all, it is NOT designed to be antiperspirant.

Available essential oils (and combinations) include:



Orange Mint

Lime and Bergamot

Nag Champa (fragrance oil)


Lavender Mint

Citrus Lavender



When ordering, please make a note of what scent or combination you would like. Otherwise, no essential oils or fragrances will be added.

Typically, this deodorant is applied with the fingers, but can sometimes be heated gently to soften it and then added to a clean deodorant tube.

DOES include coconut oil. PLEASE MAKE A NOTE if you need the deodorant to be nut-free.

Additional Information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 1 in


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