Himalayan Salt Bar – Unscented



Product Description

Long touted for its potential health benefits, this lightly pink salt bar is a luxury to use.

An excellent way to use this bar and get its full benefits is to take it into a bath.  Gently let some of the bar dissolve in the water, and the salts will naturally cleanse, soften and mineralize your water and your skin.  Please note that if you have skin wounds, while the salt makes an excellent natural healing agent, it will sting.  This is a gently scrubby bar, using finer salt crystals to avoid scratching and irritation.  Don’t rub directly (or too hard) on softer skin tissue.

Note: As they’ve cured, bars have turned from faintly pink to nearly snow-white.

These full-sized bars are 3.5-4 oz, while the smaller guest bars are approximately 2 ounces each.

Additional Information

Weight 4.5 oz
Dimensions 5 x 7 x 2 in
Bar Size

Full Size, Guest Bar