Toenail Oil Blend – 5mL (1/8 oz) SQUARE bottle


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Product Description

**Please note that Camera Chick Creations makes NO health-related claims regarding essential oils, herbs or tinctures.**

Proprietary essential oil blend. If you have known sensitivities to oils or herbs, please email before purchasing to make sure that they are not in our proprietary blends, or to have a custom blend made without the items to which you are sensitive.

Toenail Oil is sold in 5mL (by volume) square bottles with a brush for easy application, or in 1.0 ounce (by volume) bottles with a bulb dropper.

Please DO NOT EVER INGEST essential oils. Essential oils are highly concentrated versions of herbs, flowers and plant parts (roots, leaves, etc.) and the high concentrations can have unwanted effects. More information can be found HERE.

More information on some of the ingredients can be found HERE.

Square bottles can be easier for people with arthritis or other joint/muscles ailments to grip.

Additional Information

Weight 1.00 oz
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in